Hearing this question at the time of interview or at an HR discussion, what answer would come to your mind first? If you are thinking of saying “no”, then, it is better to give it some deep thought.

Many a times, a company may think of raising the benefits and other perquisites, reducing the cash salary by nearly 50%. Before saying “no”, you need to calculate what perquisites and benefits the company is offering.

Why You Say Yes to This

Say, the company is offering you a free lodging, car fuel, telephone, cable connection, mobile connection, health insurance, life insurance, school education finances for your children, mediclaim coverage for your family members, and many more. Then, your monthly expenditure would definitely become lower and in the long run, the financial benefits you would be getting is more. So, in this case, you can say “yes” happily and invest the salary in other streams.

Again, if you consider this question from the savings viewpoint, then you would understand asking you to halve your salary really means, managing your finances in such a way that you would be able to save half the salary. For this, you need to prepare a financial budget, on the basis of your income and expenditure. You can even take help of a professional financial analyst or online budget planner.

Know Job wise Salaries in India

Apart from the fixed expenditure, you need to save in such a way that half of your salary gets deposited in the savings column. If you can do this, in a short time you will be able to save a lot and make your financial future stable.