Job Sites in India

Job searching has been upgraded to a new level as one can now search jobs online. The search engines have become immensely popular with job seekers as they have made job searching easier for candidates

Advantages of searching jobs online

Technological advancements have facilitated job seekers to find the right kind of employment from the comfort of their home. These have helped candidates find employment with top recruiters like Microsoft, IBM, Deutsche Bank and the like. Mentioned below are the advantages of searching jobs online:

Faster: The internet can bring results in much less time and hence, helps candidates search and apply for more jobs in less time.

Convenient: You no longer have to go from one office to another in search of employment. Rather, one can now find all the available jobs in the locality listed in a job portal.

Search optimization: The online job portals allow job seekers to perform customized job search on their websites based on their skills, experience, location, area of operation etc.

International jobs: These portals not only have facilitated job searches within the country but candidates can now also come to know about employments available in the international market.

Value-added services: Many job portals also offer resume building and cover letter writing services to candidates for better job search. One can even upload multiple customized cvs for different profiles. These job portals may also allow one to evaluate oneís market value through salary evaluation services.

Multiple applications: Through these sites one can apply to more than one job at a time.

Job portals have also made the task easy for headhunting agencies and HR personnel. They can now simply post their requirements online to receive scores of suitable resumes. Moreover, they can visit these job sites and perform searches based on their criteria. In a word, job sites have helped in optimizing the time for both job seekers and recruiters. To help you find the right job opportunities, given below is a list of the top job sites:

List of Top Job Sites in India Known as Indiaís largest job portal has made a mark of its own in the industry. The portal started functioning in the year 1997. Ever since itís beginning, the company has ranked first among the others. The company not only has offices in India but functions from abroad locations too. has been approached by some of the top companies of India and abroad and has a turnover of over 100 crores. With more than 41 million resumes, monster is by all means a monster engulfing a major chunk of job aspirants. Logging in at the site you can search for jobs by category, keyword and location. Offering some of the best jobs in the industry, monster ranks high among the job portals. The site also has MonsterTrak that offers career guidance and fresher jobs. Being one of the most renowned job portals, has been helping job seekers since 2008. It is one of the fastest growing job portals. Within no time this job portal has gained millions of job seekers and has more than 2 lakh jobs on site. This site is the part of HT Media Limited - India's largest and most respected names in the media industry. This site has been widely approached by number of companies of India to help them recruit best employees. Timesjob is a number one recruitment online portal in India. The company came up in the year 2004 and went on to grow in terms of size and services. The year 2007 saw this job portal as the number one recruitment portal. It premiered the concept of job fairs in India. Established in the year 2005, is one of the top job sites in Asia-Pacific. The company is known for providing a range of recruitment services. Both Asian and International companies recruit from this employment portal. in India is a subsidiary of USA. It came to India on June 16th 2008. The job portal connects the job seekers and employers from the companies of various domains. Careerbuilder India is founded by Gannett.Co.Inc. is one of the leading job sites in India. There are jobs of all kinds and in various sectors. It has job information on some of the top companies in various states of India. Owned and administered by Perspi Interactive Pvt Ltd., ClickJobs is a leading job site in India. The company attracts career enthusiasts from all over the country. The company has its headquarters in Chennai. The company takes part in all sorts of corporate hiring and follows a process for it. is a well-known job site in India. The site offers a wonderful career-building opportunity and has some of the reputed companies offering jobs to careerists. Yahoo is one of the biggest brands in the web world. It has a job portal called, which is one of the best in the industry. The company lists jobs by all kinds of companies in various sectors. They work towards nurturing the career and exposing candidates to more and better prospects.

Bixee: Bixee is one of Asia's largest hybrid job portal with about 1.5m active jobs at any given point in time.

Last Updated: 19/03/2015