Top Recruiters in India

Top Ten Mining Recruiters India

Total No. Of jobs
1. Steel Authority of India
2. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
3. Reliance Industries Limited
4. Tecnimont ICB Pvt. Ltd.
5. Reliance Energy
6. Enercon
7. Areva T & D Ltd.
8. Linde Process Technologies private Ltd.
9. Conzerv
10. TATA Power
The ranking is based on the number of jobs notified by the company on different job portals (Till 29th January 2008)

Brief about Mining Sector

Indian Mining & Minerals industry

The metallurgical and mineral industries in India form the fundamentals of its industrial growth and development. India has a resource base spread throughout the country, which provides the basic raw materials for most of the industries. India’s production of minerals consists of 84 minerals comprising 4 fuel, 11 metallic, 49 non-metallic industrial and 20 minor minerals.

For the past three decades, the Indian mining industry has been progressing at an annual rate of 4 percent to 5 percent. The Indian mining industry currently employs over 1.1 million people. There are over 2,326 private and 292 public operating mines in India, and the minerals and metals from these mines contribute about 16 percent in India's total exports. With the recent amendments and Provisions in MM(R&D) Act, October 1996, the minerals and mining sector, which was earlier reserved exclusively for the public sector, has now been opened up for the private sector and the investments in the industry are being encouraged. The Government of India is making efforts to boost up the activities like research and making the minerals industry more competitive.

Some of the major public sector companies in this sector are:

Coal India Limited
Bharat Aluminium Limited
Hindalco Industries
Indian Oil Corporation
National Aluminium Corporation
Bharat Gold Mines Ltd

India has around 20,000 known mineral deposits and the geological potential in this regard is very substantial. The mining sector in India has already reached a high level of development. The majority (about 80%) of the mines are concentrated in the seven states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka. To the total mineral production, the public sector companies operating in the Indian mining industry contribute 100% of copper, diamond, lead, silver and zinc and lignite, 98% of coal, 60% of iron ore and 50% of manganese, bauxite, chromite and dolomite.

  • Minerals (both in raw and processed form) constitute a significant portion of India's exports trade.
  • Diamond (mostly cut) continues to be the largest constituent with 81% share of the Indian mineral exports.

  • Crude oil is the largest constituent of imports with 42% (approx) share followed by diamonds (uncut). Analysis of Indian Mining Industry


    1. With the aim of encouraging investment in mining industry in India, the government offers a wide range of concessions to investors engaged in the mining activity.
    2. India is the world's largest producer of mica; third largest producer of coal and lignite; and also ranks among the top producers of iron ore, bauxite, manganese ore and aluminum.
    3. The availability of cheap labour for the industry offers a major attraction to the global players.
    4. India offers low labour and conversion costs.
    5. India still has a large quantity of untapped high quality reserves.
    6. India exports iron-ore to China and Japan on a large scale.
    7. Strategic location: India’s Proximity to the developed European markets and fast-developing Asian markets for export of steel, aluminum also offers an added advantage.

    *Our evaluation of the above 10 companies as the top recruiters of the week is based on the online job postings they have done this week on India's major job sites.

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