Here is a list of the top ten best jobs in banking that ensures the highest amount of salary:

Financial Analyst – a financial analyst helps a business organization or the bank in making investment related decisions. He or she should possess a bachelor’s degree in any of the subjects like accounts, business administration, statistics or finance. An MBA is also quite desirable a qualification for the job like this one and the salary package gets better with it. On an average, a financial analyst’s take home package is around $58,205 as salary and $73,394 with extra bonuses and benefits.

Personal Financial Advisor – this person helps people meet their long term and short term goals by recommending to them the best financial options available and for doing so, he makes use of his knowledge of insurance, tax laws and investments. To become an Advisor, you will need a bachelor’s degree in any of the subjects like economics, law, finance, accounting or business mathematics. On an average a financial advisor earns an annual salary of $66,405 and $85,553 with extra benefits and bonuses.

Accountant – an accountant is that person working in a bank who can plan, analyze, advice and evaluate things related to the theory and practice of accounting. To become one, you will need atleast a bachelor’s degree in accounting and any other relevant field or a master’s degree with experience can also get you the job. The average take home salary of an accountant per year is around $43,215 and $52,813 with extra benefits and bonuses.
Auditor – the responsibilities of an auditor is prepare financial reports after analyzing and examining accounts records for clients. To become an auditor, a bachelor’s degree in an field would be sufficient, but if one has an advanced degree beyond bachelor’s and relevant experience in the field, the job gets easier to acquire. The average salary of an auditor is around $57,365 and $68,365 with benefits and bonuses.

Loan Officer – this is a bank officer who deals in assisting individuals or organizations in getting loans from the bank. He or she helps them to apply for the loans after carefully assessing the creditworthiness of the debtor and offers them the most appropriate figure possible. Banks require a loan officer to have a bachelor’s degree in either economics or finance or in other relevant field along with knowledge in lending or sales, work experience of working with a bank and computer skills. The average salary package of a loan officer is $48,318 and $58,685 with bonuses and benefits.

Collector – this job demands adequate computer and communication skills as a collector deals with the tracking of overdue accounts and if necessary, makes attempt to recover it on behalf of the bank. The minimum educational requirement for this job is to have high school diploma certificate and those who have some amount of college education can also opt for this job. The average salary package of a collector is $27,960 and $33,215 with extra benefits.
Bank Teller – the job of a teller involves accept loan payments, deposits, cash check and process withdrawals. He or she might also sell traveler’s checks or saving bonds, process paperwork and accept bill payments too. To become a teller, one must have a high school diploma. Apart from that, a person with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business or liberal arts might also join a bank as a teller with hopes of getting promoted to higher positions later. The average salary package of a teller in a year is $19,828 and $24,793 with benefits and bonuses.

Buyer – buyers are those people who are used by companies to resell goods and services on behalf of the organization or for the company’s personal usage. The average salary of a buyer is $44,919 and $54,428 with benefits.
Treasurer – treasurers execute fund raising strategies and over investments. Their average salary is $ 97,645 and $130,957 with benefits.

Budget Analyst – a budget analyst helps the company to come up with annual budget plans. their average salary is $55,566 and $67,586 with benefits.