Performance appraisals or salary appraisals have been adversely affected by the economic downturn since the year 2009. India Inc has over the years been grappling with difficult conditions triggered by lower profits and higher cost of operations. After extensive research of newspaper reports and employee reviews we have been able to come down to some of the companies which had offered decent wage hikes to its employees at different points of time. As most of them are reluctant to reveal actual figures it is difficult to commit whether they had actually lived up to the promises or not. However after going through relevant details we can at least say that there has been widespread dissatisfaction among workers with the current appraisal systems. Even the companies listed here might have evoked similar responses from time to time, but they have featured in the list partly owing to the lack of relevant information from the other companies’ end:

Wipro: With most of its employees hailing the learning opportunities, salary appraisals have not really lived up to expectations as it usually varies between 6-10%. However keeping the sluggish economic progress in view this kind of appraisal cannot be considered that insignificant. However in the recent past Wipro had even decided to battle the high rate of attrition by promising major hikes of around 12-15 percent.

IBM: In the year 2011, IBM reportedly granted a 25-30% hike for its best employees and a hike of around 15-20% to its standard performers. Touted as one of the best places to work in India, IBM has starting salaries of INR 2 lakh- INR 4 lakh (software engineers).

Accenture:Though exact figures regarding appraisals cannot be estimated owing to lack of released information, according to some employee reviews available they are better than what are offered at IBM and Infosys. However it has been repeatedly mentioned that hard work and sincerity are definitely not going go unnoticed here.

Maruti Suzuki India: According to a recent firstpost report, under a three year wage settlement contract, the workers at Maruti's Gurgaon plant were to be given INR 18,000 average salary hike each month in 3 years. As a result these workers were to join the club of the highest paid shop floor workers in India. Reportedly even a junior employee was entitled to hikes worth INR 15,000 a month.

Cognizant: The company assured a decent hike of 8 percent (average) in May, 2012 despite registering small profits. The growth figures were pegged at 20 percent from the earlier 23 percent, but the promised wage hike was not affected by it. What more? In the year 2010 it had announced bonuses up to 200%.

HCL Technologies:Listed amongst the top 25 best employers by, HCL Technologies in the month of July this year had offered wage hikes up to 8% for its offshore employees.

Mahindra Satyam: in the recent past had offered a 12-20% hike for its offshore staff while those offered for its onsite staff hovered around 2.5 percent.

Consultancy: Individuals with consultancy skills which entail benchmark analysis, understanding client requirements etc can earn around INR 300,638 - Rs1,322,390. Their skill based salaries stand like this:

Patni Computer Systems, L&T Infotech India and Samsung have also decent salaries to offer its employees