The food sector of India spans diverse segments like food processing, food and drinks, frozen food etc. The food industry at present is reportedly worth INR 75,000 crore and expected to grow at around 12% during 2012-2015. Let’s find out who among the top food companies in India that have managed to consolidate their presence in the country by means of generating business, trust and marketability.

Nestle: With a tagline “Good Food, Good Life”, Nestle with more than a 100 years of thumping presence in India has been committed to meet our regular needs of nutrition, wellness and health. Products featuring prominently in the company’s portfolio include— Beverages, Beverage Systems, Cooking Aids, Milk and Nutrition products, Food Service Products, Chocolates and Confectionery, with brands like Cerelac (baby foods) and Maggi (prepared dishes) amply bolstering its pricing power. March 2012 saw a sales growth of 13%.

Kwality (Dairy) India Limited: With only around a decade's presence in the country, the company has managed to emerge as one of the most trusted names when it comes to dairy products. The range of products in the offing here are milk, pure ghee, paneer, pasteurized table butter, low cholesterol ghee, skimmed milk, yoghurt, dairy mix and curd among others.

Britannia: The relation between Britannia and Indians, goes back a long way right from the days we used to cherish all the Britannia ads that appeared on our TV screens. In fact it would not be an exaggeration to say that this list would have remained incomplete without the mention of Britannia. Kick starting its journey in Kolkata, way back in 1892, the company primarily churning out biscuits has now become a global name. While The Economic Times hailed it as the second most trusted brand, Forbes Global pegged it as " One amongst the Top 200 Small Companies of the World". Addition of the likes of brands like Bourbon, Good Day, 50-50 among others has only helped to re consolidate its indomitable presence in India.

Sterling Foods: One of the leading names among the frozen food companies of India, Sterling Foods has since the past 30 years worked undeterred towards both the creation and sustenance of Marine food processing industry in India.

Heritage Foods is a company of repute dealing with a variety of products including foods, daily needs, health and beauty etc. However its food products like beverages, milk products, ice-cream, ready foods, instant foods all enjoy steady business in the Indian market.

Domino's: Indians today owing to their erratic work schedules are becoming increasingly dependent on fast food---not as much as their American counterparts but surely catching up. American pizza giant Domino's, since its foray in India has been graciously serving to please the Indian appetite. Not only is Domino's market capitalization in India only second to that of the US, the brand is looking forward to establish an almost ubiquitous presence in the country by further penetration in the Tier II and Tier III cities.

KFC: KFC has been able to cash in on the rising demand for chickens in India. Compared to ham, pork or steak, chicken is considered to be more neutral as a non-vegetarian dish as its consumption is not as restricted. Hailed as one of the biggest restaurant chains in India, KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken's parent company Yum brand has remained focused on its aggressive expansion plans in India.

Forstar Frozen Foods Pvt Limited: An eminent name in the frozen food industry of India, Forstar Frozen Foods Pvt Limited deals into various fish products namely croaker, shrimps, ribbon fish, squids, octopus, king fish, lobsters etc.

Parle Agro and Kohinoor Foods are two food companies in India which can be comfortably placed in the list owing to the trust generated by them over the years.