UAE touted as the second largest Arab economy primarily driven by its oil, and construction sectors is globally acknowledged for it’s competitiveness. However while doing our research on the top 10 high paying jobs in UAE we were quite surprised to see that some of the profiles from its top sectors like Hospitality, IT and Software has not made it to the list. However it was heartening to learn that the best paid salaries in UAE, as per available data, is as high as AED 100,000 per month and not one but many of the professionals belonging to different industries are entitled to this slab. Let us learn more:

The Managing director of a PR company Can earns salaries worth AED 100,000 per month as per

Bankers and Traders: The banking sector in UAE continued to reward its bankers with impressive salaries (up to AED 100,000 per month= 27,226 US dollars) in spite of the global frenzy surrounding Europe and US political concerns affecting bankers perks and salaries. In fact traders and private bankers started the year with salaries as high as AED 20,000 on an average and went on to rake in packages worth AED 100,000 per month. Private bankers with more than 10 years of experience can earn something around AED 85,000 per month.

Investment Consultants in Wealth Management and Private Banking can earn something around AED 100,000 per month.

Managing Directors in Technical Engineering sector earn something around something around AED 95,000 per month. However he should have considerable experience of at least 7-10 years in the industry.

Investment Analysts in Wealth Management sector with more than 10 years of experience can earn something around AED 85,000

Construction Directors in the Construction Sector: The construction sector of UAE which turned out to be one of the worst affected segments in UAE after recession was found to crawl its way back to the top in recent times. Experts predict an overall bright showing in the year 2013, however as of now we can well get a glimpse of its resurgence by the fact that one of its profiles emerged among the top 10 high paying jobs in UAE, according to Construction directors at senior levels can earn up to AED 80,000 per month.

Procure specialists at executive levels in oil and gas industries bag something around AED 75,000 per month. It emerged as one of UAE top 10 best paid jobs in a list compiled by With around 7% of the world oil reserves (with an estimated 97 million barrels), UAE's oil and gas industry remains one of its major money spinners, shelling out some of the best salaries there.

Jobs in Medical Sector: While conducting our online research to present you the top 10 high paying salaries of UAE we were particularly struck by the high salaries designed for two designations--- CEOs of large hospitals and consultant doctors. While the former earn something around Dh 100,000 – Dh 150,000 per month, the latter pocket an estimated Dh 73,000 –Dh 95,000 along with the profit sharing facilities.

Human Resources: According to a report published in the in August, 2012, HR managers in UAE made something around 12,543 dollars per month which was even more than that made by bankers at that time ($10,854 dollars per month).

Regional Sales Managers earn something around AED 287,557 a year. Asides from the sources mentioned above relevant information has been taken from,, and