Product Marketing Manager – A Product Marketing Manager from the Marketing sector is the highest paid professional in the Gulf. The annual pay package of such a professional is 56,666 AED.

Assistant Operations Manager – The job of an Assistant Operations Manager from the Executive and Management sector is the second best job in the UAE. The average annual pay package of such a professional is 55,000 AED.

Quality Assurance Manager – This job in the Information Technology sector is also among the most coveted jobs in Dubai. A Quality Assurance Manager earns nearly 48,900 AED per year.

Relationship Manager – this job is also from the Executive and Management sector. A Relationship Manager earns an annual salary of 45,500 AED.
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Banking Operations Department Manager – This professional from the banking sector is also among the forerunners in the list of highest paid jobs in Dubai. A Banking Operations Department Manager makes an average of 45,000 AED per year as salary.

Chief Executive Officer – The CEOs of the Executive and Management sector earns quite handsomely in the Gulf region. They receive an annual average salary package of not less than 45,000 AED every year.

Call Centre Manager – Managers at Call Centers belong to the Customer Service and Call center sector. They are also paid quite well owing to the fact that their job entails lot of responsibility in keeping the customers’ happy. Their annual salary package on an average scale is around 42.000 AED.

Leasing Manager – These professionals belong to the Real Estate sector. Depending on their clientele and quality of work, Leasing Managers are quite in demand at the UAE region. Their average salary package is around 38,750 AED per year.

Business Process Consultant – These are the professionals belonging to the Information Technology sector of the market. Dubai has been seeing quite a boom in this particular sector and so Business Process Consultants are paid quite well. Their annual salary package is around 36,667 AED.
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Project Manager – Project Managers belong to the Executive Management sector. Their salary package is around 36,400 AED per year as they are very much in demand at the Gulf market region.