The primary reason behind the variations in salaries in India’s key cities is the difference in costs of living. Today we are presenting you the list of top 10 Indian cities paying the highest average salaries. It is an interesting mix of metros and tier II cities. While metros like Delhi and Mumbai have firmly placed themselves in the list owing to obvious reasons, the so-called suburbs like Gurgaon are also emerging as potential biggies in days to come. Let us have a look.

Bangalore: – It has been years since Bangalore has been firmly continuing at its position among the top paying Indian cities. In fact its reputation as the highest paid city has remained undisputed as it has been repeatedly proved by facts and figures. As per the overall average (yearly) salaries in Bangalore stands at INR 585,527. Some of the top paid profiles are that of Project Managers (IT) ( INR 1,156,944), Project Managers (Software Development) (INR 1,211,247), Senior Software Engineer (INR 658,756). The presence of companies having global reputation has made the city one of the most favored job destinations in India. These organizations on the other hand have designed pay packets which are at par with the high standards of living in the city— Cisco Systems India Pvt Ltd pay average annual salaries ranging between INR 467,291- INR 1, 985,579, Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc pay average salaries of around INR 339,047- INR 1,381,484 etc.

Pune: –

According to Pune recently had taken over Mumbai from being the better job generating city in India. The average salary in Pune stands at around INR 530,918. The city is fast becoming the permanent resident of some of the brightest talents in India, and some of the biggest names in the job market are eager to cash in on the trend as well. Names which shell out some of the best salaries for the citizens of Pune are Symantic Corporation (INR 457,737- INR 1,813,315), John Deere (INR 389,568- INR 1,180,000), and SunGard Data Systems with INR 370,361- INR 1,736,186.

Mumbai: – The average salaries in the city stand something at around INR 498,475. However, we are sure that taking into account the average pay packets of Bollywood and Hindi Television actors, the overage average pay of this city will skyrocket.

Hyderabad: –

In spite of this city’s position in the list, it has perhaps been the most preferred job destinations among Indians, alongside Bangalore—specially for aspiring IT or Software professionals. In fact these are among the highest paying industries of the city. While the former pays average salaries of INR 557,741 the latter pays around INR 571,418. The highest paying industry in Hyderabad is however IT Consulting paying around INR 633,601. The overall average pay stands at INR 489,505

New Delhi: –

New Delhi is placed comfortably in the fifth position with average yearly salaries of around INR 482,307. The city enjoys the reputation of being the commercial hub of North India.

Chennai: – Forbes Magazine has recognized this southern Indian city as the one of fastest emerging cities in the globe. The presence of big names like Ashok Leyland, TVS Group, BMW, Hyundai, Cognizant, Wipro, Accenture etc has boosted the city’s presence in the international job market. However, the language barrier has been a crucial hindrance for the city’s further development, as professionals migrating from other cities find it difficult to understand the language of the locals. The average salary stands at INR 444,235

Chandigarh: – It has been quite an easy task to jot down the first six top paying cities in India by just having a glance of the average salaries offered by them which in turn were in tune with other relevant lists drawn in this regard. However the real problem was faced by the time we came down to haunt for the last four names in our list. Chandigarh however found a place in the seventh spot as our research led us to discover that as per Morgan Stanley research report, “AlphaWise City Vibrancy Index: A Guide to India’s Urbanisation,” the city occupies the fifth position in the average household earnings. The Telecommunications industry remains the best paying industry here with an average of INR 552,485 each year.

Noida: –

We have included the city in the list keeping in view that many of its key industries offer average salaries of more than INR 5 lakhs per month. Have a look:

Industries in Noida Average Annual Salaries
Software Services INR 593272
Financial Services INR 591009
Software Development INR 555542
IT Services INR 541546

Gurgaon: –Gurgaon emerged on top at Business today’s Best Cities Survey in the recent past, mainly owing to the unprecedented growth of employment rate there. The high paying industries are Banking (a whopping INR 755,922 on an average per year!), IT Consulting (INR 752,376 average per year) and Consulting (701,107 on an average per year)

The highest paying industry here is IT, Consulting with average salaries of INR 616,598.

*Information regarding salaries is taken from and may change with time.

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