The list of the top 10 highly paid females in the country given below contains a mix of eminent personalities from different fields including business, sports, politics etc. Their formidable presence in the most influential walks of life induces a strong urge to write at length about the success stories scripted by them over the years. However, here we are going to stick to numbers only, i.e, their salaries. The pay packets earned by these women should not be viewed only as figures but as a sincere acknowledgement of their contribution towards their respective fields.

Kaveri Kalanithi: Wife of Kalanithi Maran and Executive Director of Sun TV has been placed at the top among the highest paid women business executives in India by Fortune Magazine. The reason though is not that hard to find. The lady witnessed plummeting pay package this year from the previous $13.09 million (INR 72 crore). However, Maran’s present earnings stand at a whopping INR 57 crore.

Saina Nehwal: The 22 year old youth icon has firmly cemented her place among the seasoned biggies by reportedly inking a three year contract worth INR 40 crore (US 7.45 million dollars) with Rhiti Sports post her Olympics exploits this year. What happened as result is this badminton player is now touted as India’s highest paid non-cricketing athlete.

Preetha Reddy: Managing Director of Apollo Hospital Enterprises pockets a cool INR 6.9 crore (US 69 million) per year and has been awarded the third place among the top 10 best paid women executives in India by Fortune.

Priyanka Chopra: The second big surprise in the list is an actress who had made her foray in films in the early 2000s. Fondly known as “Piggy Chops” this Bollywood belle is reportedly charging around INR 9 crore for her upcoming “Zanjeer” remake. You can well imagine her earnings skyrocketing each year with the growing number of endorsements in her kitty.

Urvi A Piramal: The Peninsula Land Chairperson pockets a yearly pay packet of INR 7.3 crore.

Kareena Kapoor: It is very difficult to estimate the exact earnings of actors and sport persons considering the constant rumors surrounding their earnings per film/match, endorsement, public appearance etc. However, the interest generated by Bollywood actors has ensured that different film magazines, newspapers etc are frequently coming up with remunerations charged by these stars. One such star who enjoys the media frenzy is Kareena Kapoor, who reportedly had charged a whopping 8 crore (INR) for her recent release “Heroine.” Add to that the series of endorsements, public appearances, and award functions.

Sania Mirza: The earnings of ace tennis player who exploded in the scene in around 2005 stood at $548,834 in the recent year in terms of prize money. The girl who had seen much ups and down in her short career might have failed to live up to the hype she had generated initially, nonetheless, her total earnings this year has ensured her position in the list. The only woman tennis player in India to have attained a singles (WTA) ranking of as high as no. 27 earlier, has had a rough patch lately following a string of injuries. At present her singles career affected by plummeting rankings has taken a backseat— though the renowned doubles player with a few major titles in her kitty continues to shine in the doubles circuit. In future if Mirza decides to bounce back in singles, we might see her earnings shooting up.

Vinita Bali: The Managing Director of Britannia Industries and first Independent CEO, Vinita Bali occupied the fifth place in the Fortune list as her earnings stood at INR 5.7 crores.

Sonia Gandhi: Placed among the top 20 most powerful people in the Forbes list, this Indian politician sure knows how to keep speculations alive. Right from her latest disease carefully kept under wraps to her yearly earnings— the media, the commoners hardly show a dearth of interest in her. recently estimated that her income might stand something around INR 50 lakh – INR 75 lakh per year considering her salary as a Member of Parliament, and dividends drawn as NAC chief.

Rupa Gurunath: Director of India Cements, Rupa Gurunath earns something around INR 3.9 crores per year.

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