The IT sector of India has been roping in a major section of the talent with the promise of good packages and global exposure. Let us find out which skills have been rewarded in the present years with some of the best salaries in industry has to offer:

Project Management: With a surge in the incoming projects, the demand for project managers in India has also shot up. In fact for all you aspirants, 2013 will be the year to watch out for as with the expected rise in number and complexity of projects, the companies will be recruiting more individuals with project management skills. At present also, project managers remain one of the highest paid profiles in IT industry in India with their average salaries ranging from INR 918,000 – INR 2,452,849 at senior positions. The skill wise salaries of Senior Project Managers in IT stand something like this:

      .NET- INR 619,528 – INR2,383,903
      Program Management- INR 1,181,773 – INR 2,257,516
      Java- INR 595,976 – INR 3,074,708
    Java/J2EE- INR 842,110 – INR 2,349,019

Software Engineering: With the most lucrative career options in line, Software Engineers can rake in around INR 800,000 to INR 850,000 on an average from the Information Technology sector.

Tech Support:

IT help desk professionals or individuals involved in tech support are in great demand nowadays as organizations are increasingly looking forward to building on their systems and provide user end solutions as well. According to a survey by Computerworld, these jobs will be much in demand in 2013. At present the Computer technical support specialists are paid INR 120,805 -INR359,459 on an average in the IT industry.

Application Development: An online study carried out by ZDNet Asia, between March 2011 to March 2012, has revealed that Application Development professionals in Asia earn something like this on an average:

Experience Annual Salaries
More than 10 years INR 1364788
5-10 years INR 881376
Less than 5 years INR 431616

Data Base Administrator or DBA: As per individuals with DBA skills can earn as high as INR 967,111 on an average per year in the IT industry.

Business Intelligence: The true analysis of major business data has always been a concern for the IT industry here. Thus individuals with strong mathematical background, industrial knowhow and business interest should look out for more job opportunities in the coming year. In the IT industry, individuals with Business Intelligence skills are earning something around INR 968,653 per year on an average.

Information Technology Architects with Cloud Computing skills can earn as high as INR 2,000,000 as per According to the survey by Computerworld 25% of the hirers interviewed would be looking out for individuals with Cloud Computing skills.

Software Testing: One of highest earners in the IT industry, software testers can earn around INR 114,076 – INR597,262 per annum on an average.

Consultancy: Individuals with consultancy skills which entail benchmark analysis, understanding client requirements etc can earn around INR 300,638 – Rs1,322,390. Their skill based salaries stand like this:

UNIX- INR 299,068 – INR1,278,089
SQL- INR 284,653 – INR1,142,822
Java- INR 285,933 – INR1,227,307
Linux- INR 230,833 – INR1,238,771
Oracle- INR 279,136 – INR1,222,979

Human Resources are also one of the top paid skills in the IT industry with HR managers raking in average salaries worth INR 232,576 – INR1,235,919 per year.

*Salaries are subject to change with time and might also vary according to company policies and other factors.