Gulf region is perhaps one of the fastest growing economies of the world. However it is surprising to learn that some of the best salaries offered in the gulf regions this year were not from oil and natural gas sector but from banking, construction, sales and marketing etc. While the banking sector in UAE was able to combat the overall debt concerns, advertising creative directors in Kuwait experienced a 23% hike in salaries. Bahrain too witnessed exponential hikes in salary ranges with the inability to recruit fresh people owing the recent unrest. Let us find out more on the top ten salaries offered by the gulf countries

$11,560 for sales and marketing managers:-According to the Gulf Business Salary survey, this one tops the list of top ten salaries in the Middle East. The recent economic downturn in the wake of Eurozone crisis and Arab Spring turbulence have affected these professionals’ wages the least with them taking home $11,560 each month.

$27,226 for bankers in UAE:- The salaries of bank traders and investment consultants in UAE– 27,226 US dollars or AED 100,000 each month reflect the robust growth in this sector, even as Europe and the US are still reeling under concerns of bankers’ salaries and bonuses.

$15427.7152 for Product Marketing Manager in Dubai (UAE):
-According to this one features as no.1 among the best paying jobs in Dubai.

$13,276 per month for Construction professionals in Saudi Arabia: – A bit ahead of their counterparts in Kuwait, a chief engineer or construction project manager earns around $13,276 per month. The previous year saw these individuals raking in around $12,975 per month.

$10,714 for Sales and Marketing professionals in Bahrain: –Amidst a streak of wage hikes in Bahrain this year, it’s sales and marketing professionals earned approximate salaries of $10,714 each month as against monthly salaries $9,539 last year.

$11,561 for Public Relations Managers in Saudi Arabia:- One of the biggest success stories of the gulf countries was the whopping 18.6 percent hike in wages for these individuals from the previous year. While they earned $9,744 each month in 2011, this year saw them taking home around $11,561 each month

$11,468 monthly salaries for HR managers: – The HR sector of the Middle East witnessed a major wage dip this year, with expatriate HR managers in UAE becoming the worst victims with a 37 % slash in their pay. However, $11,468 as the monthly salary for HR managers featured second among the top ten salaries in the Middle East according to the Gulf Business Salary survey.

$11,908 for Construction professionals in Kuwait: – A Chief Engineer or project manager pockets around $11,908 per month according to the pay trends of 2012.

$14,974 for Assistant Operations Manager in Dubai- ranks second among the top 10 salaries in the city

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$10, 593 for IT professionals –
featured significantly among the best paying salaries in the Middle East in the Gulf Business Salary survey.

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