In the dynamic business world, women entrepreneurs act as a significant source of economic growth. Apart from big numbers and incubating fresh ideas, there are several habits that set the class of women entrepreneurs apart. Read on to find out what unique habits define a successful women entrepreneur.
Women Enterpreneurs

1 – Rise early and you will shine

Juggling efficiently between tasks through the day does not come easily. In takes passion, practice and loads of time to clearly define objectives and to achieve the same. An early start helps women to organize their day’s work and be prepared for what is to come. Dart in an energy filled breakfast or some power yoga to kick-start the day on a positive note.

2- Stay up-to-date

When you are a young entrepreneur, the world places unfair demands on you. People expect you to know everything and come up with the most intelligent statements whatsoever. Successful entrepreneurs irrespective of all the odds manage to stay in vogue. They grasp every bit of relevant information and critically analyse them. Reading newspapers, watching news, networking, conversations that are not just work bound broaden the horizon of general knowledge.

3 – Digital Detox

Technology has changed the ways enterprises and entrepreneurs work. The number of devices one uses today has increased and there exists a constant noise of these devices buzzing right through your thought process. Studies have proved that a few good hours spent completely away from the flooding emails, teleconferences and business chats helps them to rejuvenate and play their A game. Do not be impounded by the insatiable desire to always stay connected and proactive. Sometimes it is good to breathe deep and just let things settle down.

4 – Playing the team game

People are the most valuable resource for any business. Productive entrepreneurs build a robust team and act like the nucleus of the team. They focus on every member of the team and ensure each of them add critical significance to the business. They value people, understand their needs and motivate them not just through their words but actions. A woman of grit can handle workers of any calibre and bring out the best performance to the table.

5 – Multitasking-the best asset

One of the strongest attributes about women is their ability to multitask. From time immemorial, women have been trained to manipulate various tasks efficiently that it has almost become a part of their genes. Entrepreneurs must acquire this ability to successfully accomplish anything that they believe is of prime importance. Tasks must be duly prioritized and handled efficiently.

6 – Never say die

There is no place for “giving up” in the life of an entrepreneur. A woman often comes across several hurdles in the form of chauvinism, relationships, social commitments, family and so on. While the Indian society is bound by various conventions, women today are breaking shackles and reaching out for higher stratums. The foremost oath to be a successful business woman in an otherwise male dominated society is to never give up.

7 – Take calculated risks

Nothing is ever served on a golden platter. When Indra Nooyi joined PepsiCo in 1996 and decided to purchase Quaker oats and Tropicana through whopping deals, she had to face scepticism from several board members. The entrepreneur in her knew that the brand needed to be revamped and she was well on her way to achieve it. She took the risk and managed to earn PepsiCo the reputation of being the world’s largest snack and drink supplier. The news put the brand in the spotlight and sent the share prices soaring.

8 – Learn from every mistake

It takes several years for an entrepreneur to make their vision a reality. Through these years of toil and failures, they never stop learning. A high level of persistence is characteristic of an entrepreneur. They may fail more than once but have it deeply rooted in them to learn from the mistakes. They experiment frequently and are never satisfied until they reach perfection.

9 – Stay organised

An entrepreneur has the longest to-do list and the shortest time on the hands. Carve out a standard style of working and ensure that your actions are streamlined with your goals. Plan ahead and put together a list of things that demand the highest priority. For instance, preparing tomorrow’s agenda today can help you produce much more efficient work the following day. You would be well- prepared, relaxed and there will be no last minute rushes.

10 – Define success and stand by it

Success means different things to different women. Some believe in numbers and some in passion. No matter what your definition of success is, it is important that you must stand by it. Successful entrepreneurs do not follow but create a vision of success and gyrate towards them fearlessly. It is this instinct that clearly sets entrepreneurs apart.

India is quickly seeing the rise of several women entrepreneurs emerge in various fields. No matter how small or large the venture is, a successful business woman fights it all out till she sees light at the end of the tunnel. The habits above prepare women across all sectors to lead the battle successfully.