As new graduates prepare to spread their wings and step into the real world, a number of them are asking the age-old question – Where would be the best place to find a good job?

As global companies are cutting costs and unemployment is increasing, new entrants in the corporate world are facing the tough choices of finding the right location to begin their careers. Should a fresher opt for a small city with low cost of living and a high potential for job-growth or go for a city with declining population where the competition is lesser? Some consider the option of entering the dynamic metropolis scenario where rivals are many but so are opportunities.

According to a study by, new graduates are embracing big risks and bigger rewards by opting for the third choice and beginning their careers in high-population cities where there are abundant job opportunities and a vibrant social life.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a City

Some Indian cities are extremely kind to entry level job seekers and non-experienced graduates. Read on to get some insights on what you should consider before finalizing the city for your first job:

Real Estate Rates

Before you pick a city to jumpstart your professional life, look for the residential rent in the city. In many cosmopolitans, the real estate rates are sky high, making it extremely difficult for students to find affordable homes on rent.

Social Life

You can also search online and look for entertainment options like clubs, malls, etc. that will give you an opportunity to enjoy a vibrant life in the new city and make new friends.

Transport Facilities

If transport is not provided by the company, you will need to use public transport so it is best to consider the infrastructure of the city and the smooth travel options.


As a new entrant in the corporate sector, it is best to look for a city that gives you unlimited opportunities for growth. With the tough competition and challenges, you will get a chance to cross limitations and exceed your skills. Consider the average salaries in different sectors and city wise growth opportunities and pick a city that has the best potential for your particular sector.

Top 10 Cities to Start a Successful Career

Bangalore –  The city is leading the IT revolution for India and is also known as the Silicon Valley of our country. It boasts of a nice climate and a happening social life. As per a recent study by Aspiring Minds Research Cell, 7 out of 10 engineering students in India will prefer Bangalore as their first job city and 75% of engineering graduates consider it a preferred destination to work. As per, the average salary in the city is INR 585,527 p.a., per capita income is INR 88,991 p.a. and the credit growth rate is 29%.

Delhi – This city is known to be the commercial hub of North India and it is gaining immense popularity for new entrant job markets with a good median salary of INR 482,307. According to the AMRC study, 32% respondents voted for Delhi as their preferred career destination.

Hyderabad – 30% respondents in the study stated Hyderabad as their favourite work destination as it is home to big companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. The IT sector is the highest paying industry in the city with a median salary of INR 489,505. There are over 3,279 job ads for freshers in the city and the employment growth rate here is 10%.

Mumbai – The cost of living is quite high in Mumbai due to the food and rent prices and life is quite challenging here but it attracts talent from across the country and once people get adjusted to the culture, Mumbai becomes home. On average, people earn INR 498,475 and the per capita income is INR 125,749 p.a. Mumbai is known as the city of dreams for freshers as there are almost 19,281 jobs for people with 0-1 years of experience.

Chennai – This city is the headquarters for many South India companies and thus, one can find numerous job opportunities here. The people are friendly, rentals are affordable and public transport is really good. With an employment growth rate of 6%, credit growth rate of 16%, median salary at INR 444,235 and per capita income at INR 87,446 p.a., this city is surely a great place to begin your professional life.

Chandigarh – With tremendous opportunities for growth and average salaries of INR 552,485 p.a., Chandigarh is a favourite for the telecommunications sector. The per capita income is highest in the city at INR 141,863 p.a. and 22% of people are earning more than 10 lakhs per annum this year.

Gurgaon – The city has emerged as the best city in Business Today’s survey due to the unprecedented employment growth rate of 11%. 59% of professionals have an income between 3-10 lakhs here and the average salaries are almost INR 750,000 per year. The per capita income is INR 122,212 p.a. while the credit growth rate is at 25%.

Noida – Noida is developing as a strong city for IT professionals in the north. The per capita income in Noida is INR 85,519 p.a. and the employment growth rate here is 14%. With an average salary of INR 500,000 p.a., freshers can look for interesting opportunities in this city.

Pune – Pune is taking over Mumbai in the job markets due to the large number of IT, automobile and manufacturing companies in the city. The average salary here is INR 530,918 and the city is becoming home to some of the sharpest talents in various sectors.

Ahmedabad – The city is known to be one of India’s most affluent cities with one of the biggest advantages of cheaper homes. The employment growth rate is 2% while the per capita income is INR 80,374.

If you are considering finding the perfect city to start your career, analyse all your options and look for a city that promises salary growth, professional success and a good work-life balance.

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