The meantime between 12th exams and its results perhaps is the most vibrant time in the life of young people. This is the time new-gen youth shed the burden of tiresome exams and  breath freedom after school-time discipline. They really want to swallow freedom but then comes a more pricking pains of entrance exams and  choosing a course for the future. And this is the time you are overwhelmed with advice about future choices by elders.



Be Informed on Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees

Therefore it is advisable to consult a professional online portal like ours that would end your dilemma and help you to decide on highest paying Bachelor’s Degrees. Of course, nothing is bigger than your own judgement, as many of you have identified the current in yourself. Following your own urge taste is the best path to success both professionally and personally. Still if you wish to choose a course that would give you a high income after footing in to the shoe of a professional, we list below top highest paying Bachelor’s Degree undergraduate courses before embarking on your journey towards fulfilling your dream:

Bachelor of Commerce or B. Com:

Over the years B.Com has emerged as one of the highest paying undergraduate course and one of the most favored career starters for students owing to the ever increasing scope here. The career paths can be tactfully maneuvered into becoming Accountants, Accounts Managers, Operations Managers, Assistant Finance Managers, etc. All of these are high paying jobs with annual average salaries hovering around INR 71,517 – INR 402,683 for Accountants, INR 129,190 – INR 1,348,097 for Accounts Managers and INR 463,941 – INR 958,647 for Assistant Finance Managers.

Bachelor of Engineering or B.E:

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) is unquestionably one of the high paying undergraduate programmes. A B.E in Computer Application/ Computer Science/ Information Technology can bring you a Software Engineer’s job in one of the leading IT companies in India or abroad. Software Engineering has been in the limelight for the past few years owing to the salaries attached to them. Software Engineers with engineering degrees can earn something around INR 190,043 – INR 653,779 per year. Project Managers (Software Development) and Senior Software Engineers with the same degree can pocket average salaries of INR 793,473 – INR 1,757,239 and INR 374,397 – INR 1,133,464 per year respectively.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Undergraduate degree Courses in Business Management or Business Administration can fetch you great salaries as you will be provided with the basics of steering an organization with these courses.

Bachelors Degree in Fashion Designing

The phenomenal growth of non- traditional job profiles like fashion designing, hair styling, cooking, interior designing etc has subsequently propelled the remunerations attached to these jobs. A professional fashion designer with a BDes degree can earn something as high as INR 204,000 – INR 600,000 per year.

Bachelor of Arts or BA:

The traditional degree remains one of the educational paths for a number of job seekers out there who want to get into jobs after the completion of undergraduate courses. The average annual salaries pocketed solely on the basis of a BA degree are something like these— INR 73,469 – Rs 120,000 (Computer Operator), INR 232,896 – Rs 412,650 (Executive Assistant) and INR 144,000 – Rs 418,098 (HR Generalist)

Bachelor of Computer Applications

BCA degree can fetch you great salaries solely because of the unprecedented growth in demand for computer professionals in possibly every field – IT, Banking, Education, Financial Services Software etc.

Bachelor of Technology


B.Tech degree certainly is a foundation for lucrative career options in major industries like Web Development, IT, banking, Telecommunications, with average salaries ranging from INR 170,000- INR 480,068 based on the type of the industry you choose to work for.

A bachelor’s degree in Web Designing would enable you to rake in average salaries worth INR 78,421 – INR 391,486 per year.
Undergraduate courses in Hospitality or Aviation are hugely profitable as well.

If you don’t really have a financial burden to battle at the beginning of your career it is preferable that you pursue further studies after your undergrad (in whichever field you choose) and before taking up a job, not only in order to rake in better salaries but also to increase your knowhow.

Disclaimer: We try to provide information on correct salaries prevailing in industries but the figures provided here cannot be taken for accurate or authentic. Salaries are subject to variations from organization to organization, city to city and between geographic regions.