Where there are benefits of the training outsourcing, there are many outsourcing challenges as well no matter how well the program is planned, staffed or budgeted. Below are few challenges that are faced by organizations while training outsourcing:

Many stakeholders Outsourcing by and large involve several inner and outer stakeholders. Outsourcing programs in diverse geographic regions most of the times are managed autonomously.

Dispersed Locations

Many organizations engage training consultancies in different geographical regions that adds further complications to the delivery and scheduling of training. Most of the times, training has to be localized for different languages andcultures which also requires specific resources. Different regions also put in considerable time, expenditure, and resources to manage logistics related to training.

challenges-of-outsourcingBudget Inadequacy According to an Expertus (Expertus provides a variety of training outsourcing services in business consulting, technology, content, and strategic business process outsourcing) 2006 survey, budget is one the major constraints to channel training. Most of the times budget inefficiencies are caused by duplicate payments, payments with incorrect vendors, and decentralized vendor agreement management.

Know how According to Expertus survey, 70% of the respondents do not use LMS and those who use, almost half use different LMS for employee training. Those companies who do not use LMS have to make greater effort with registration and setting up, class follow up, evaluations, and even basic reporting. Randomly applied know-how, unplanned customization work, lack of standards, and scarcity of capable resources can twirl the knowledge support of channel training programs into a failure.

Loss of control

According to Expertus survey in 2006, loss of control was also rated as one of the major challenges to training outsourcing. Organizations going for outsourcing, are left with very little or no control over training partner. In addition to that, organizations often are not able to keep up with the consistency and quality of training across the channel.

Coverage Measuring the results and finding the business focused information about the training consultancy is difficult or impossible to get. These challenges prevent the organizations to obtain the true insight of training consultancies.

Employment Inefficiencies Obtaining satisfactory organizational resources is a constant problem for the organizations engaged with training consultancies. Employee Turnover and inadequate employee training can make the problem even more difficult.