In Basket Technique

In-Basket Technique It provides trainees with a log of written text or information and requests, such as memos, messages, and reports, which would be handled by manger, engineer, reporting officer, or administrator.

Procedure of the In basket Technique

In this technique, trainee is given some information about the role to be played such as, description, responsibilities, general context about the role.
The trainee is then given the log of materials that make up the in-basket and asked to respond to materials within a particular time period.
After all the trainees complete in-basket, a discussion with the trainer takes place.

In this discussion the trainee describes the justification for the decisions.
The trainer then provides feedback, reinforcing decisions made suitably or encouraging the trainee to increase alternatives for those made unsuitably.

A variation on the technique is to run multiple, simultaneous in baskets in which each trainee receives a different but organized set of information. It is important that trainees must communicate with each other to accumulate the entire information required to make a suitable decision.

This technique focuses on:

  • Building decision making skills
  • Assess and develops Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSAs)
  • Develops of communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develops procedural knowledge
  • Develops strategic knowledge


These skills are mainly cognitive to a certain extent than behavioral.