Management Development Program

Management Development Program (MDP)

Management Development has become very important in today’s competitive environment. According to a survey, those companies that align their management development with tactical planning are more competitive than the companies who are not. It has also been indicated that 80% of the companies report MDP, compared with 90% that provide executive leadership training. For most of the companies 37% of the training budgets go to management development and learning programs. Therefore, it is important to consider management development as an important part of organizational competitiveness.

Some of the reasons behind the management development programs are:

  • It is managements’ responsibility of ensuring the success of the organization
  • It is the management who deal with people of different background, culture, language, etc
  • Mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, etc are all under management’s control
  • It is managements’ responsibility to ensure that the employees obtain the required KSAs to perform the tasks
  • It is managements’ responsibility to ensure that right people is hired for the right job, at the right time for the right place
  • Manager’s job is complex i.e. for the managers understanding the training need is not easy because his training need is determined by how well his department is meeting its objective and goal.
  • It is the management who makes decisions on the basis of judgment and intuition
  • It is the manager who performs several routine duties as well as handling the exceptions in their own as well as subordinates’ routine
  • Managers are engaged in varied, discontinues, and brief activities
  • It is the management that understand the organization, its vision, mission, ethics, values, strategies, capabilities, and how his organization fits into the industry, and how his behavior will influence people outside the organization

Therefore, managers must be able to get the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) to meet the challenges as soon as they arise.