Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is about making people understand about themselves and others reasonably, which is done by developing in them social sensitivity and behavioral flexibility.

  • Social sensitivity in one word is empathy. It is ability of an individual to sense what others feel and think from their own point of view.
  • Behavioral flexibility is ability to behave suitably in light of understanding.

Procedure of Sensitivity Training
Sensitivity Training Program requires three steps:

Unfreezing the old values It requires that

the trainees become aware of the inadequacy of the old values. This can be done when the trainee faces dilemma in which his old values is not able to provide proper guidance. The first step consists of a small procedure:

  • An unstructured group of 10-15 people is formed.
  • Unstructured group without any objective looks to the trainer for its guidance
  • But the trainer refuses to provide guidance and assume leadership
  • Soon, the trainees are motivated to resolve the uncertainty
  • Then, they try to form some hierarchy. Some try assume leadership role which may not be liked by other trainees
  • Then, they started realizing that what they desire to do and realize the alternative ways of dealing with the situation

Sensitivity Training
Procedure of Sensitivity Training

  • Development of new values With the trainers support, trainees begin to examine their interpersonal behavior and giving each other feedback. The reasoning of the feedbacks are discussed which motivates trainees to experiment with range of new behaviors and values. This process constitutes the second step in the change process of the development of these values.
  • Refreezing the new ones This step depends upon how much opportunity the trainees get to practice their new behaviors and values at their work place.