13An organization has a very close relationship with the trainee and the trainer because it is the first contact for both.
The demand for the training in the organization increases when the organization wants:

  • To hire new people training as a means of training new recruits
  • To Expand When the company wants to increase its headcount
  • To increase certain number of staff (in position) by a certain date
  • To enhance the performance of employees
  • Organization’s name to be a part of training unit

Demand for Training also increases when there is change in the nature of job, change in taste of consumer, change in methods of product development, etc. The organization goes through the following steps for the transfer of training to the field.But the problem arises when the organization outsource the training process. In this situation the organization assumes that the trainer must be aware of the type of training need s of the participants and their organization and their content will meet those needs. This leads to failure of the program, which results in collusion. Therefore, it’s a foremost duty of the organization to make the trainer and their organization aware of their culture, climate, responsibilities of organization, etc.