The effective transfer of training depends a lot on the trainer because it is the trainer only who can remove the mental block of trainee, motivate the trainee to learn, delete the negative perception of the trainee regarding the training. Besides all that, a lot depends on personality of trainer also.
The major competencies that are required to be present in a trainer are:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Skills i.e. budgeting, time management, negotiation, etc.
  • Content Development i.e. material production, graphics, layouts, etc
  • Self development i.e. interpersonal skills, good listening skills, flexible, accepting the share of accountability, etc

Trainers Skills

The skills that need to be present in a trainer are:

  • Training Design
  • Evaluating the training program
  • Training need analysis
  • Worksheet design
  • Exercises design

Role of Trainer
Importance of Trainer, Role of Trainer