Training Implementation

To put training program into effect according to definite plan or procedure is called training implementation.
Training implementation is the hardest part of the system because one wrong step can lead to the failure of whole training program. Even the best training program will fail due to one wrong action.

Training implementation can be segregated into:

  • Practical administrative arrangements
  • Carrying out of the training

Implementing Training

Once the staff, course, content, equipments, topics are ready, the training is implemented. Completing training design does not mean that the work is done because implementation

phase requires continual adjusting, redesigning, and refining. Preparation is the most important factor to taste the success. Therefore, following are the factors that are kept in mind while implementing training program:

The trainer The trainer need to be prepared mentally before the delivery of content. Trainer prepares materials and activities well in advance. The trainer also set grounds before meeting with participants by making sure that he is comfortable with course content and is flexible in his approach.

Physical set-up Good physical set up is pre requisite for effective and successful training program because it makes the first impression on participants. Classrooms should not be very small or big but as nearly square as possible. This will bring people together both physically and psychologically. Also, right amount of space should be allocated to every participant.

Establishing rapport with participants There are various ways by which a trainer can establish good rapport with trainees by:

  • Greeting participants simple way to ease those initial tense moments
  • Encouraging informal conversation
  • Remembering their first name
  • Pairing up the learners and have them familiarized with one another
  • Listening carefully to trainees comments and opinions
  • Telling the learners by what name the trainer wants to be addressed
  • Getting to class before the arrival of learners
  • Starting the class promptly at the scheduled time
  • Using familiar examples
  • Varying his instructional techniques
  • Using the alternate approach if one seems to bog down

Reviewing the agenda At the beginning of the training program it is very important to review the program objective. The trainer must tell the participants the goal of the program, what is expected out of trainers to do at the end of the program, and how the program will run. The following information needs to be included:

  • Kinds of training activities
  • Schedule
  • Setting group norms
  • Housekeeping arrangements
  • Flow of the program
  • Handling problematic situations